Intimacy and Innovation: Navigating relationships
Intimacy and Innovation: Navigating relationships

Intimacy and Innovation: Navigating relationships

From the Teachers Platform, the privilege of getting to know your students is the greatest honor that we have. How do we maintain a healthy supportive boundary with our students but still understand them from a completely profound perspective?

The students heart is tender as they approach the spiritual path with a deep yearning to connect. This is such a place of vulnerability that as a teacher, we must walk the fine line of boundary and knowing. What are best practices with boundaries and true presence for the people you are here to serve as a teacher.

Let's explore this topic together in an interactive workshop where we expand on the teacher student relationship with honor and service and how to apply it to our lives.

1. How to create and practice with yourself. Your life.

2. How to create depth in your classes and know the difference between seduction, using and intimacy.

3. How to hold healthy boundaries when students ask for more than they should.

Friday, November 20th, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Eastern Time

For over 50 years, Gurutej has been living her destiny and continues to awaken the spirit of all she touches. Gurutej emerged as a founding practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. 

Through yoga, chanting, meditation, healing, and proven stress and health management systems, she teaches people how to connect to their higher consciousness.  As a prolific writer, Gurutej is author to 4 popular books including: A Slice of the Beloved: Yoga for Relationships, The Moon She Rocks You: Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions, The 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year, and, The Art Of Energy, Your Blueprint for great energy. She has also developed a transformative powerful online Academy Empowered Energy Academy, to support and uplift people through her 11 online courses. 

Gurutej has the depth, breath, insight, and training to help you with all those issues on love, success, relationships, energy, health, balance, and much more. You can work with Gurutej privately.

When not traveling the world and teaching, Gurutej can be found at The Blessings Center in Los Angeles.. You can also enjoy her blog or suite of online books, programs, classes or products at